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As With Any New House Building Process, There Are A Few Key Questions That You’ll Need To Answer Bef
22.08.2016 13:37

Well, what we no data do at Dual Octupancy homes is put all of our 30 years of experience and knowledge to work for you. It is now time for your house to be built!  Dual Occupancy Homes does not provide financial product advice or recommend any financial products: This applies equally to those financial products which are established for a SMSA. We do all this to ensure your investing experience is not only a profitable one, but enjoyable as well. 7 great reasons to invest in dual income properties. Either way, you’ll come out on top with two houses to live in, sell, or lease. Whether you want to knock down your old house and build two new ones, put two houses on a vacant block, or add a second building while leaving your existing house in place, Porter Davis can help to make all your home building dreams come true. If you’re feeling sloping site building overwhelmed, never fear – our dedicated Dual Occ specialist team can help you to answer all of these questions and any others you might have.  Looking for a dual income investment property with great cash flow and high capital growth, but not sure who you can trust? At the World of Style, our Interior Designers will help you to make choices in line with your budget and style preferences.

An Examination Of Critical Elements Of Dual Occupancy Homes

How about adding a new house to your backyard? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, never fear – our dedicated Dual Oct specialist team can help you to answer all of these questions and any others you might have.  And with Porter Davis by your side, you can choose how exactly you want to approach dual occupancy. Giving Porter Davis the go ahead now will mean that we can start preparing house and land packages for your site start, including submitting any applications for permits and approvals. Porter Davis will lodge plans to obtain Town Planning permits, as well as a Building permit, a Demolition permit, and any other required council approvals. Chances are, you could be sitting on a gold mine! A dual occupancy development has ever been so easy. As with any new house building process, there are a few key questions that you’ll need to answer before beginning your Dual Oct journey. 


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